The Power Pack

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The Marvel War of Heroes Power Pack

In the world of Marvel War of Heroes, the Power Pack exists.  The Marvel War of Heroes Power Pack serves as the "currency" within MWOH.  It is the most traded, traded for, and sought after item, as it can be traded to other users.  Even with a two week wait, gamers are willing to spend money to get these packs from others.

The Power Pack as a currency establishes a base value for the worth of a Marvel War of Heroes Card.  When it comes to grabbing a sought after card to complete your deck, power packs come into play in making the purchase.  You don't find players asking how much money they can pay someone for a card.  You hardly find someone offering a good enough trade for the card.  However, when you have a cold hard currency like the Power Pack, and the Card's value in Power Packs, you can easily make the trade - thus making Power Packs not only valuable, but also extraordinarily convenient.

Aside from that fact, Power Packs are essential in every event.  You and your alliance will succeed if you have the right amount of packs.  You must replenish and spend packs in order to win.  Remember, Marvel War of Heroes is free to play, but pay to win.  You need MWOH Power Packs to build your deck and then using your deck, to blast through the events and come out on top.

(Oh... then of course there are Energy Packs...Yeah...)



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